Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

can affiliate marketing make you money?

Can affiliate marketing make you money, you see we have all been told the same?

you have to go to school to get an education then go to college, then get a job?

You wake at least every day you drive to your job or office for 40+ hours a week,

through the streets jammed up

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with everyone else trying to the same as you earn a crust.

Then you work for 40 years until you retire at the grand age of 65,

and have nothing to show for your hard work and dedication, as most jobs just about pay the bills.

What if instead of dealing with the headache and chaos of what is called the rat race,

just to earn a few quid, what if you could earn money while you’re on holiday, spending

time with family and loved ones or just simply while you sleep?

sounds too good to be true right.

Well according to Statista, with affiliate marketing in the U.S by 2022 will be $8.2 billion.

Now if you start today you could be in a great position that you could take advantage of

that billion-dollar pie.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

How I explain what affiliate marketing is

you promote other companies’ products or services,

and when someone buys that products or services through your link(affiliate link),

you then get paid a commission.

An affiliate, it’s like you are a salesperson for that

the company, you help to make them a sale, in return that company rewards you

with a commission.

With affiliate marketing, you’re not tied to just one company, like a salesperson you can

sell for as many companies as you like and earn multiple commissions from them all as an

affiliate marketer.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?


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